Friday, 13 November 2009


I'm finding it hard to get motivated at the moment. Not a surprising thing for a writer, I guess. I used to be appalling at getting motivated and keeping faith in my projects. I must have started around 5 novels before, gotten to about 15,000 words and eventually lost interest and given up. Most of that came down to my inability to move on to the next chapter until I was absolutely happy with the previous one. As such, it was near impossible trying to get a flow going but it was a habit I couldn't break.

In June this year I set myself a target of writing 500 new words a day, forgetting about them being decent and just trying to get a rough, rough draft done. By the end of September I had 60,000 words, most of them crap but I had a novel, just about. Throughout October I read over the chapters and took notes on what was wrong with the plot and characters.

In the first week of November I started redrafting these chapters and found I'm slipping back into my old ways. I've set myself a target of getting it all redrafted by February, which means redrafting two chapters per week. Currently I've done one and a half. I'm not worried that I'll fall behind, I'm worried that I'll lose interest altogether.

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