Saturday, 6 March 2010

55 - Get lost

  1. Hong Kong - Gorillaz
  2. Stop The Dams - Gorillaz
  3. We Just Won't Be Defeated - The Go! Team
  4. Neighborhood#1 (Tunnels) - The Arcade Fire
  5. Beercan - Beck
  6. Keys To The City - The Go! Team
  7. Venice Queen - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. Once Around The Block - Badly Drawn Boy
  9. I'm A Cuckoo - Belle & Sebastian
Lacking inspiration, I just knocked up a quick playlist and went for a walk. Having lived in Farnham for about 22 years, there are plenty of walking routes I know and so decided just to go for a random wander. I only had one rule: if I saw a public footpath, I had to go down it and follow it until I either found another footpath or got to the end and then went searching for another.

As a result I trod down some brilliant little overgrown passages. I saw the backs of many of the hidden-away mansions of South Farnham. I got lost. I found some amazing quiet roads. The weather was perfect: cold enough to make the cheeks tingle and yet with a blazing bright sun and an almost completely blue sky. With the music, it was amazing. Like really fucking awesome. I'm in such a good mood now.

In the end I was only gone for about 45 minutes and try as hard as I could to get lost I somehow found myself back near my house pretty quickly. No matter, I'll get lost again in the future.

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