Saturday, 16 January 2010

6 - The community

No, not the name of some low-budget '70s horror in which an evil community kill any and everyone who strays upon their sleepy village with the use of pitchforks and bus tickets. I just wanted to talk about the One A Day Clan*.

We're still at the beginning of a long haul and logic and pessimism lead me to fear that the vast majority of us will have given up within a couple of months, and yet I have an inane amount of excitement for this, whatever it is.

I'm making it a habit of checking as many of the One A Day blogs as I can, trying to leave comments, involve myself somehow. I have this hope that something awesome could come of this. I'm not sure what. Some kind of collaboration. Some kind of new internet craze. Some new online amigos. I don't really know.

I just hope the community evolves, if not expands, and doesn't fizzle out. That's all really.

*No, not the name of a violent '80s horror in which a mad cult of outcasts each kill one person a day in horrific and sadistic ways.


  1. Strength in numbers.

    There are nearly 30 of us now, and either through encouragement or fear of looking like a failure, people will keep posting, day after day.

  2. Just don't let the power go to your head. If you end up amassing a community of thousands, world domination could be mighty tempting...